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World’s Most Advanced IT Outsourcing Services

Marthub offers state-of-the-art, advanced IT Outsourcing Services, tailor-made for your business, and customized as per your niche needs. Find out how you can generate more ROI, save money and trigger more profits right now!.

Outsourcing software development takes place when companies grow and no longer have the internal bandwidth to manage certain tasks and operations. Other motivations for outsourcing are to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, enhance customer service, and more. When embarking on a new business initiative, it's critical to have the right team in place and hiring a software provider isn’t a decision to be made hastily. It is imperative to consider whether potential providers have the technological expertise for the scope of your project; a proven track record; and an interest in building a solid working relationship to augment your present workforce.

What Kind of IT Outsourcing Is Right for Your Business?

Location-based Outsourcing


Onsite Outsourcing:

In this model, your outsourced team reports to your office and works alongside in-house employees. Having outsourced staff on location speeds up learning processes and working within the system.


Onshore Outsourcing:

Under this arrangement, the third-party partners work in the same state or country, allowing for minimal cultural and language differences.


Nearshore Outsourcing:

This model seeks providers in neighboring countries that are often in the same time zone. There may be some linguistic differences, but most businesses looking for nearshore partners are seeking a more affordable solution.


Offshore Outsourcing:

To save even more money, a business might opt to outsource to more distant locations.


Relationship-based Outsourcing

With relationship-based outsourcing, there is a focus on ownership and responsibility and how the third-party provider handles these two principles.


Staff Augmentation Model:

This model is similar to onsite outsourcing. The outsourced team joins your in-house staff to manage programs internally. The client has full control over the projects from beginning to end.


Managed Team Model:

Under this arrangement, both the provider and the host company share responsibilities and designate who focuses on what tasks. The client also has control over the team.


Project-based Model:

The third-party owns the project after the company informs them of the requirements.

Result-Oriented IT outsourcing services for your business

State of the art IT-enabled business processes, customized application development services and IT Infrastructure solutions.


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