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Media & Entertainment

Being on a digital platform is a competitive task, running the media and entertainment industry with qualitative solutions. This will be out when you are hiring the best IT company.

Marthub IT Solutions is the best to get the custom solution for your media and entertainment sector. You will get the best response and best software for your live streaming, video production, audio production and so on. With the help of media and entertainment app developers, you will get professional qualitative work that includes multiple camera options, online gaming, web streaming, and many more.


Custom Live Video Streaming Software Solutions

Marthub IT Solutions engineers powerful live video streaming engines that deliver high-definition video & audio streams to any device.

Live Streaming Platforms

We develop best-in-class live video streaming platforms, allowing users to stream live videos seamlessly over any bandwidth and with zero latency or buffering.

Professional Live Video Productions

We implement a full live video production suite within your streaming solutions, enabling you to create professional-quality productions at any scale.

Media Player Applications

We develop mobile and web-based media player apps to play videos, music, podcasts, and audiobooks, built with custom features for an improved user experience.

Film & Video Production Solutions

We develop film & video production software solutions custom-tailored to fit any film producer’s business and creative needs.

Video Editing Software

We develop powerful cross-platform video editing software for Mac, Windows, and Linux, enabling you to edit stunning videos with ease.

Media Player Development

We engineer feature-rich media player solutions that incorporate full media management capabilities, including video, audio, and playback controls.


We develop customized digital audio workstation (DAW) software with built-in features to record, arrange, and edit professional music with ease.


We can create your own branded audio streaming service to broadcast music, audiobooks, podcasts, meditation tapes, and so much more with multi-device compatibility.

Custom Digital Publishing Software Development

We develop custom digital publishing software solutions, including content management systems (CMS), social media tools, DRM software, and more.

Digital Publishing Solutions

We develop digital publishing solutions to enable seamless designs for traditional books, eBooks, blogs, brochures, posters, newspapers, magazines, and more.

Social Media & Marketing Tools

We create responsive-design publication solutions by integrating with social media platforms and programming SEO marketing tools to increase brand exposure..

Publishing Formatting Tools

We perform various publishing formatting customizations, including custom typography development, CMYK optimization, and interactive app design.

Design & Multimedia Software

We harness the power of feature-rich and user-friendly design tools to produce stunning design & multimedia software solutions on multi-platform devices.

Publishing CMS Solutions

We incorporate content management systems (CMS) features into our custom digital publishing solutions to create online newsletters, blogs, and websites.

Custom Publishing Programming

We integrate new and innovative digital publishing technologies into your existing business systems to create an all-in-one solution that best fits your needs.